This worm IS for turning!

Towards the end of October last year I took a break from my long filename esxDOS browser and started work on something different – a conversion of a homebrew game on the Gameboy Color, called Willy Wonderworm. This is a variant (or twist if you’ll forgive the pun) on the traditional snake game where you control a snake, moving around a screen eating food and getting larger and larger having to avoid collisions with the walls and your own tail. This version lets you twist and turn around in angles rather than restricting you to 90 degree turns.

If I’ve not explained that clearly, I’ve recorded a short YouTube video which shows me playing my version, Winter Wonder Worm and explaining the different game modes.

As I neared completion of the game, I sent a copy to Rod Hull, proprietor of the retro hardware and software website, TheFutureWas8Bit who certainly knows his snake games. He liked it and asked if I wanted to release the game as a cassette on his 699 cassette range.

I will be adding a digital download at some point in the future – however this won’t have all the features available on the cassette release. So for that full on worm rotating experience, head over to TheFutureWas8Bit to buy Winter Wonder Worm as an actual cassette tape! I’m also hoping to publish a longer blog on how the game came into existence, the challenges I faced and how it evolved into the version you see in the video.

2 thoughts on “This worm IS for turning!”

  1. Hi Bob
    I have just purchased a tape copy from TFW8BIT but this means I will need to dig out my 128k +2 Spectrum to play it.
    Is there any way I could have a digital copy please?
    Would make playing it a lot easier.

    1. Hi Scott. I’ve sent you an email on the address you provided with your comment. If you can reply to that or let me know on here if you didn’t get it then that would be great. Thanks for your support!

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